Palm Oil Internet Seminar
Palm Oil Internet Seminar (POINTERS) is a web-based seminar concept where updates on developments in the oils and fats sector will be brought promptly to the industry circles, accessible at the click of a button from their own PC, mobile web or laptop wherever they are.

The idea is to bring about convenience, time and cost savings, as well as meaningful information sharing that connects everyone to the oils and fats industry efficiently and effectively. All papers will be posted on the site for one week and participants will be able to download the paper and post questions to the authors, who have lent their expertise, during that one week period.

Active participation from among the audience is expected to make the Internet Palm Oil Seminars more useful and meaningful. Register now and be the first to take advantage of valuable updates from the oils and fats industry in an innovative way.

Archive Highlights
Palm Oil: Sustainable and Responsible Production in Malaysia, With Reference to the Felda Group
By: Mr. S. Palaniappan
Felda was set up in 1956 with the objectives of poverty eradication and providing land for the landless. The Felda model involved grouping of its 112,635...
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2018 Global Oils and Fats Landscape - Market Trends & CPO Price Forecast
By: Mr. Oscar Tjakra
The world oilseeds supplies have grown steadily in the past decades due to increasing oilseeds planting areas and increasing oilseeds yield. The increase of...
Hedging Palm Oil in Bursa Malaysia Derivatives
By: Mr. Jeffrey Tan
Full Report and Presentation Slides are available for download from 7 February 2011 until 17 February 2011...
China's Palm Oil Import - A Big Turnaround in 2017
By: Mr. Cai Neng Bin
Synopsis: 1. Tracking the import of oilseeds and oils in China (comparison among major oils and import versus domestic production) 2. Analysis of import...
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Outlook of China's Oils & Fats Market - Post Withdrawal of Financing Traders and Return of Palm Oil Stock Level to Normal
By: Mr. Cai Neng Bin
1. There is structural division of global oilseeds market, where local and foreign markets behave differently. - Global soybean output continues to increase...
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Edible Oils & Oilseeds, Globalised Commodities Coverage
By: Mr. Ali Muhammad Lakdawala
Financial Globalisation is the in thing these days which includes financial instrument market and commodities market. The term globalisation means cross-border...
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Development of Oils and Fats in Egypt
By: Mr. Ahmad Mustafa
Oils and fats are staple products in the diet of Egyptian consumers. Egypt is the world’s seventh-largest importer of oils and fats,and is more dependent on...
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Malaysian Palm Oil - Moving Ahead to Sustain Production Growth
By: Mr. Ramli Abdullah
Malaysian palm oil production has surged in recent decades and the palm oil industry has been transformed to become Malaysia’s key socio-economic driver....
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